Sale and installation of flexible pipes for water, gas and oil

  • Flexsteel is the world leader in roll-up pipes, resistant to high pressures, temperatures and abrasion.
  • Among other attributes of this pipe, we can build a 5 km gas pipeline / oil pipeline / aqueduct in less than 1 week.
  • Resists 10 times more abrasion than steel, does not require cathodic protection, painting, or maintenance.
  • It is a disruptive product that is changing the world market for pipes.
  • FlexSteel has been producing flexible tubing since 2003 and is the leader of roll-up tubing in the North American market for the transportation of oil, gas and water.
  • FlexSteel has more than 17,000 km installed with its factory located in the heart of the Shale in Houston, Texas.
  • With the recent expansion of the plant, they are manufactured at a rate of up to 700 km per month.
  • The product range is from 2 "to 8" and pressures from 750 psi to 3,000 psi (206 bar) and with continuous working temperatures up to 85 ° C.
  • Depending on the diameter, the coils can go up to 1,500 meters.
  • Because it has less friction, at the same pipe diameter, it admits a greater flow.
  • The product has insulating properties and use and installation and has been tested even at minus 40 ° C.

  • FlexSteel's patented technology is validated by API15S and API 17J standards, and is chosen by the petroleum industry in the USA and many other countries, where they have suffered failures in fiber pipes and have changed technology, opting for that of Flexsteel, considered the most reliable in the world in flexible pipes.
  • The robustness of its steel reinforced tubing and crimped connectors offer superior resistance to installation loads and pressure / temperature cyclicals during use.
  • We can stretch about 2 km per day. They can be used on the ground (UV resistant), buried or underwater; as a new pipeline or to recover old pipes, laying a flexible line inside, avoiding decommissions, permits, bureaucracy and generating significant economic and time savings.


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