Engineering, Assembly, Rental and Sale of Certified Scaffolding

  • Currently CIMSA is a benchmark in the Argentine and Uruguayan market, being the only company certified under the 3 standards, which combines assembly, provision of own materials, engineering and logistics.
  • With a constantly expanding multidirectional scaffolding park of more than 1,200 tons, CIMSA is a great ally for any project.
waterjetting, Hidrocorte

Scafom-Rux Ringscaff Certified Multidirectional Scaffolding System

  • CIMSA is the official distributor of one of the most important scaffolding brands in the world, which is certified under the most demanding regulations worldwide.

Fast, safe and effective

  • Our wide range of materials allows us to supply the main companies, participate in the largest projects in the region and have an increasing presence. A technical department at the height of the most demanding projects.
  • Over the years, we have developed a technical solvency that allowed us to face, with guarantee and quality, an endless number of complex geometries, meeting the highest market demands and using the latest software. Own trucks to speed up the delivery and return of materials.
  • Experience in the field showed us that shortening delivery times is vital. For this reason, we have added rapid response trucks to provide "Just in Time" solutions. Calculation memories, designs, computations.
  • After-sales service is one of the differentials of our company. We accompany the projects from the beginning, making reliable structural calculations and with an excellent response time. We provide advice for unconventional designs, also calculating the necessary materials for each structure.

Download of Certificates and Brochures

Scaffolding Videos

Hanging scaffolding 90m. tall

Scaffold assembly for torch repairs

Works made

Your partner in surface protection

Scaffolding Training and Certifications

  • We train scaffolds and inspectors on the matter, our own and those of third parties.
  • We carry out theoretical - practical courses in our facilities or where the client indicates it.
  • We have trainers endorsed by Scafom-Rux to teach courses, and if required we carry out the courses through the UTN with their corresponding endorsement.
  • People who pass the exam will have a certificate.

The Program includes

  • Different types of scaffolding systems.
  • Classifications.
  • Advantages / Disadvantages of the modular system.
  • Advantages of the Multidirectional system.
  • Manufacturing regulations.
  • Typology of scaffolding and its components.
  • Parts, measurements and capacities.
  • Installation, control and qualification criteria.
  • Preliminary assembly check.
  • Sequence of assembly and control of materials.
  • Standards of behavior in the use and maintenance of security features.
  • Structure design.
  • Model works.
  • Summary, debate and contribution of ideas.
  • Practical exercise in the field: Construction of a scaffold.
  • Exam.