Non Destructive Inspections

  • Measurement of coating thickness using electromagnetic meters
  • Measurement of adhesion of coatings with mechanical and hydraulic traction equipment.
  • Control of degree of corrosion.
  • Magnetizable particles.
  • Penetrating inks.
  • Ultrasonic sheet thickness measurement.
  • Borescopies.
  • ECT (Eddy Current Technique) - Induced Currents Inspection Service for Non-Ferromagnetic tubes, Heat Exchangers, Capacitors, Heaters and related equipment.
  • High Resolution MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage High Resolution) Comprehensive Inspection Service using the technique of Inspection of Aerial Storage Tanks by API653 Inspectors, Audit Res. 785/266 and Inspection of Tanks under pressure.
  • RFT (Remote Field Technique) - Remote Field Inspection Service for Ferromagnetic tubes, Heat Exchangers, Aero Coolers, Reactors, Boilers and related tubular equipment.
  • Remote Inspection Service using the UT Mapping Crawler System technique. Remote inspection and thickness measurement in the casing of API650 Aerial Storage Tanks, Inspection of vessels under pressure, Inspection of pipelines and overhead ducts, Inspection of Chimneys and structures at height.

Personnel for administrative jobs

We have work crews available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Immediate response to customer needs.
Foremen and operators with equipment and logistics:

  • Scaffolding officers.
  • Welding officers.
  • Painters officers.
  • Isolating officers.
  • Masons officers.
  • Official electricians.

Equipment rental

  • Tents of variable sizes.
  • Hydraulic arms.
  • Electric and diesel compressors.
  • High air flow dehumidifiers.
  • 4x4 and 4x2 trucks.
  • Equipment for shot blasting / sandblasting / waterjetting / Hydrowash.
  • Forklifts.
  • Workers.
  • Certified multidirectional scaffolding.

Gas and steam turbines

  • Blasting through the use of a wide range of abrasives and CO2, stock of materials 365 days a year.
  • Blades coatings and turbine components. Curing ovens up to 600 ° C, with thermocouples and computer controlled.
  • Nitrogen injection.
  • Cabins and tents with controlled environmental conditions 24 hours.
  • Turbine support devices.


We provide the horizontal road demarcation service, with the most modern equipment on the market for road painting.