Industrial Blasting and Painting Plant

Shot blasting and automatic Shopprimer for sheets, pipes, profiles.

  • The technology of shot blasting and shopprimer, allows to lower the costs and terms of shot blasting and painting in the field, more than 50%.
  • These are high production automatic equipment, which with uniform and controlled quality, perform the shot blasting and application of coatings resistant to welds, cuts, rolling and blows.
  • It is used in Argentina and the world, prior to the manufacture of tanks, large structures and pipes.
  • Later, in the field, the welds are brushed and the stipulated schemes for each case are applied.

Among the characteristics of this process are the following:

  • Independence from climatic factors.
  • Guaranteed quality in an automatic and continuous industrial process.
  • Significant decrease in execution times.
  • Avoid environmental pollution in workshops and works.
  • Reduce the number of personnel in the ventures.
  • Eliminates the danger of silicosis in intervening personnel.
  • Shopprimed sheets can be rolled, cut and welded without damaging the paint.
  • Decrease paint consumption by 40%.
  • Reduces the final cost by more than 50%.
  • Reduces the time for surface preparation and field painting by 50%.

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