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Green silicon carbide

  • Black silicon carbide is produced at high temperature in an electric resistance type furnace with quarters of sand and petroleum coke. Its grains are hexagonal black crystals with sharp and gragile properties. It has high extreme hardness, high electrical and thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion.
  • Its grains are green crystals with high hardness and strong cutting capacity, stable chemical properties and good heat conduction.
  • Suitable for cutting and shredding solar silicon chips, semiconductor silicon chips, and quartz chips; glass and ferrite polishing; precision polishing of ceramic and special steel; free cutting and polishing and polishing for bonded abrasives and coated abrasives; grinding glass, agate, fine jewelry, jade-ware and other non-metallic materials.
Carburo de silicio negro
  • It is suitable for bonded abrasives and coated abrasives, metallurgy, stone grinding and polishing, low tensile strength metal processing, and non-metallic materials such as gray cast iron, brass, aluminum, stone, leather, rubber, etc.

Typical chemical analysis by weight% (F80)
Index SIC Fe2O3 F.C.
Typical value 98.66 0.13 0.11
Typical Chemical Analysis by Weight% (JIS2000)
Index SIC Fe2O3 F.C.
Typical value 99.02 0.12 0.12

Available grains: 12 to F220, micro powder # 240 to # 6000.
In accordance with current GB / FEPA / JIS sieve standards.