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  • Garnet is composed of natural rock garnet grains that are known for their natural hardness, durability, and abrasive characteristics. It is a cost-effective alternative to silica sand, mineral slag, and steel shot, as the perfect symbiosis of grain size, density, and hardness / durability creates optimal abrasive efficiency: the lowest abrasive consumption (kg / m2) at higher production rates (m2 / hr). It can be recycled multiple times (depending on the application) due to its superior hardness and low friability.
granate de rocas
  • 1. Preparation of the surface, blasting cleaning of the steel structure, hull of the ship and bridges.
  • 2. Waterjet cutting of metal, stone and glass.
  • 3. Extraction of marble, optical lens, glassware, leather and other materials.
  • 4.Wear-resistant highway pavement, track, wear-resistant rubber and non-slip paint.

Chemical and physical analysis by weight% (20 / 40mesh)

index SiO2 Al 2O3 FeO Fe2O3 MgO CaO
Typical value 37.12 20.92 23.89 4.15 7.78 6.56

Physical properties

Moh hardness Specific gravity g / cm 3 Chloride content Apparent density g / cm 3 Melting point ° C Conductivity ms / s
7.5-8.0 3.9 15PPM 1.9 1340 16
  • 20/40mesh, 30/60mesh, 80mesh, 120mesh, 150mesh.
  • Other sizes are also available on request.