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Brown Calcined Cast Aluminum Oxide

  • After calcination at a certain temperature according to different grit numbers and subsequent processing, the organic matter inherent in the abrasives will be vaporized and the abrasive will have higher purity, cleanliness, stronger hydrophilicity, lower coefficient of expansion, greater hardness, lower content of magnetic material and greater strength.
Óxido de aluminio fundido Marrón
  • Suitable for strong high speed belt, high quality chipboard abrasive, resin wheel, sandpaper, tray, large cutting disc, and can also be used to grind stainless steel, alloy steel and cemented carbide.

Typical chemical analysis in% by weight (F24):
Index Al 2 O 3 SiO 2 Fe 2 O 3 TiO 2
Typical value 95.46 0.76 0.14 2.69

Available grains: F12 a F220, F230 a F1500, #240 a #3000